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Free Honda Safety Check

Until the end of September 2019, we are offering a free Honda safety check on your motorcycle:

Free Brakes, Chain and Sprocket Set Check

We would like to offer all of our Honda customers a brakes, chain and sprocket set check for free! As part of the assessment, we will carry out a vehicle health check and notify you if any recalls or product updates are outstanding. Should you need either brakes or a chain and sprocket set, you can be assured that we will only use the best quality Genuine Honda Parts at competitive prices and these will be fitted by our fully qualified Honda Technicians.

  • Vehicle Health Check –

Whenever you bring your Honda motorcycle to us, we’ll check a whole host of features that affect your bike’s safety to ensure everything is as it should be. We’ll use a traffic light system to let you know if and when anything needs doing.

  • Recalls and Product Updates –

Apart from addressing any safety concerns, recalls and product updates also improve the long-term quality of our bikes and your experience of owning a Honda. A recall is announced if the manufacturer has concerns about a potential safety-related defect. Product updates are not safety related. As technology improves, there may be instances where a manufacturer has developed new components or processes that will help to enhance the overall quality of a vehicle.

Why choose Genuine Honda Parts?

Free Honda Safety Checks


Honda motorcycles are known for their comfortable ride, superior handling and road-holding qualities. By choosing Honda Genuine Parts for your bike, you’re helping to make sure that your Honda will carry on performing the way it has been designed. The genuine parts are of identical quality to those used in the manufacturing process. You will get optimal value for money, reliability and peace of mind.

Book your bike in!

If you have any questions or you would like to book your free Honda safety checks, please call and speak to our Service Manager, James on o1492 535959. Alternatively, you can Contact Us through our website.



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