Complimentary Roadside Assistance

We will give you 12 months of AA Roadside Assistance for free when your Honda Motorcycle has routine maintenance service carried out by us!

What’s included in the Complimentary Roadside Assistance?

The 12 months complimentary Roadside Assistance offer is only available until the end of March. It includes the following benefits:

  • Honda Home Assistance –
    • If your motorcycle breaks down within a ¼ of a mile from your home address, we will send an appointed agent to your doorstep if the motorcycle can’t be repaired, we will take it to the nearest Authorised Honda Dealer, or a closer destination, if you prefer. Just so you know, if you have to ask for Honda Home Assistance, you won’t be able to use the Honda Recovery Assistance.
  • Honda Roadside Assistance –
    • If your motorcycle breaks down at the roadside, more than a ¼ mile from your home address we will get help to you wherever you are in the UK. Where the motorcycle can’t be repaired in a reasonable period of time, you can use Honda Recovery Assistance.
  • Honda Recovery Assistance –
    • If we can’t fix your motorcycle at the roadside, we will arrange for you, and a passenger and your Motorcycle to be transported to any single mainland UK destination. This includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. (In these cases, you’ll have to pay the ferry costs).
  • Honda Message Service –
    • Should the unforeseen arise, it’s good to know that we can get a message to your relative or colleague to let them know what’s happening, where you are and that you’re safe. We’ll see to that.

Get help fast with the Honda Assistance App!

Complimentary Roadside Assistance

The Honda Breakdown Assistance app gives you quick and easy access to the Honda Breakdown Service. If you find yourself stuck by the roadside, the app will help the recovery company to reach you quickly. The App will find your exact location on a street level map. Information about your location is sent to Honda when you call, helping them to locate you quickly. You’ll also get AA Roadwatch helping to avoid delays to your journey with live updates on traffic and roadworks. Updates are shown on a detailed street level map.  My Reminders allows you to store important dates for your vehicle, like service and MOT dates.

Find out more

If you would like to book your motorcycle in for a service with us and take advantage of this offer, please call and speak to James, our Service Manager, on 01492 535959. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and we can email/call you back as necessary. Please note, this offer is only available if your bike has routine maintenance work carried out before the end of March 2019.

The Small Print!

This offer is only available for Honda Motorcycles, which are 15 years or younger. The level of cover includes Honda Roadside Assistance, Honda Recovery Assistance and Honda Message Service. Honda Roadside Assistance is available in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Subject to the approval of Honda this Honda Roadside Assistance may be transferred with the Motorcycle to a new private owner. Please note, there is no cash alternative. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

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